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Welcome to Vermillion Farms

We are your local friendly neighborhood greenhouse! We are “Beyond Organic”!! We never use pesticides or herbicides and use naturally sourced nutrients and minerals. We have a passion towards providing you and your family with the best produce possible!

3 Simple Steps to the Freshest Produce Available

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We presently offer FREE delivery to select zip codes on Wednesdays. You can also pick up a box at several local farmer’s markets.

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How Vermillion Farms Works

To start we have a 4300 sqft environmentally controlled greenhouse. At Vermillion Farms we use evaporative cooling to help us to keep the temperatures low in the middle of the summer and propane heaters plus the greenhouse effect to keep the temperature high in winter. From there we utilize aeroponic towers that grow the plants in air. It starts with a mineral rich solution that sits in the 25 gallon tubs at the base of the tower. For 3 minutes the water is pumped up to the top of the tower with a small water pump (roughly the size of what you would find in a fish tank). It then trickles back down through the tower, getting the roots wet and delivering the minerals and nutrients that the plants crave (no electrolytes added)… the pump then turns off for 12 minutes creating a 15 minute cycle that repeats indefinitely. The plants never slow down growing because they constantly have the moisture and nutrients they need at every point in their life. Because the roots are grown in the air, they are able to absorb more oxygen. All of this means that their growth rate is much faster than growing in the ground and the amount of water required is roughly 90% less!

Why Vermillion Farms Works

Plants that are grown in the ground have to struggle to push their way through the dirt and hunt out moisture and minerals. They will have to wait for water before the minerals in the soil dissolve so they can be absorbed. With our system we got rid of that step and provide the minerals already dissolved and ready for the plants to soak up! We are also able to control the PH level of the water keeping it at exactly what plants want in order to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients possible.

The Problems Vermillion Farms Solves

The most obvious is water shortage/costs… The math just can’t be argued on this front. The tower garden system just flat out uses way less water to grow the same plant. The next, maybe not so obvious, is delivery costs. Most produce in the store today travels a long distance from the ground it was grown in, to the store you buy it from. All of that is adding CO2 to the atmosphere, and cost to your grocery bill! By keeping our farm local the cost to ship the produce is cut down to almost nothing. That also is adding time from the moment it was harvested to the time it hits your mouth. As soon as a plant is harvested it starts to decay. That is losing nutrients as well as getting closer to simply not being edible and becoming waste. At Vermillion Farms we harvest 24-48 hours before each farmers market meaning you will get the freshest, most nutrient dense produce you could find (unless you’re growing some in your backyard).